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Zac Hill

Zac Hill led the design research phase of Frontline Justice, having previously worked with the Department of Justice on the relaunch of the Office for Access to Justice. He is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Office of American Possibilities, a venture studio for high-impact early-stage social and civic initiatives, and was the Chief Operating Officer of The Future Project, a national youth development nonprofit. Prior to that, Zac was a Lead Game Designer for Magic: The Gathering, winning an Origins Award for Magic: Innistrad, and was the Lead Gameplay Designer for Magic: Duels, which was named one of PCGamer’s “100 Greatest Games of All Time”. 

A graduate of Rhodes College and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy, Zac has taught at MIT, the University of Washington, and Richard Hugo House. He was a Henry Luce Scholar at the Center for Independent Journalism in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and served as a policy analyst for Shelby County Mayor A.C. Wharton